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Some people have fingerprints which lack the necessary information to allow their authorization in a biometric system. In these cases, the use of an alternative technology is recommended. Fermax has developed the combined Proximity and Print Reader.

* Biometric access fingerprint reader with capacitive sensor. Identifies users by their fingerprint (unique and unrepeatable feature for each person).
* Proximity reader which can run in a stand-alone or centralized system by using a built-in jumper configuration (JP1).
CENTRALIZED setup with Wiegand 26 protocol.
* Capacity (number of users), depending on operating mode selected:
Working options:
o 953 (001...953) in 1 print per person mode.
o 633 (001...633) in 2 prints per person mode.
Note: fingerprints are authorized in the reader, so the capacity is determined by the reader’s operating mode and is independent from the capacity of the central unit.
* Audio and visual confirmation by LED display signalling print acceptance or rejection.
* Integrated in aluminium panel.
* Flush mounting (ref. 8854, box included) or surface (ref. 7064, optional).
* Recommended for interiors and exteriors.
* Requires door controller (ref. 4420) for connection and operation.
* Reading method. For correct fingerprint reading, the finger must slide over the reader (downwards) at a uniform speed and applying a slight pressure.

Reader that lets you open the door by displaying a proximity card or key ring. Only authorized cards will trigger the device. No physical contact is necessary. The capacity, wiring and technical features in general will depend on the operating mode selected. For further information, please see:
• Skyline Proximity Reader V (ref. 7440)
* Proximity card reader with capacity for up to 400 user card or key rings.

• Skyline MDS/AC Proximity Reader (ref. 7440)

• Skyline Proximity Wiegand 26 - Data/Clock Module V (ref. 7440)
o CENTRALIZED setup with Wiegand 26 or Data/Clock protocol.

* Proximity readers with capacity u to (both options):
- 1020 user cards/key rings with MDS central unit (ref. 2405).
- 2048 user cards/key rings with CAC central unit (ref. 4410).

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