The Beaumaris

Détails du projet

Nombre de logements/utilisateurs: 69
Nombre d'accès: 4
Adresse: 472 Beach Raad Beaumaris, Melbourne
Pays: Australie
Date d'achèvement: 2015
Promoteur: The Edge Group

Produits associés

The Beaumaris hotel a symbolic building in Melbourne which is steeped in history. Originally it was built in 1880´under the name ‘the great southern hotel’. It was renamed the Beaumaris Hotel in 1920´s but burnt down in 1944 and had to be rebuilt. The building was demolished once more in 2014, all except the façade, with the building turned into apartments, it was finished in 2015.

Located on one of the most exclusive roads in Victoria, overlooking the sea, with exquisite views of the beach, these apartments are luxurious and each one of the 69 apartments includes a 7” Smile monitor, and the building has Fermax standalone access control formed by a digital keypad and proximity reader.