Hotel Reina Victoria, Valencia

Détails du projet

Adresse: Carrer de les Barques, 4, Valencia
Pays: Espagne
Date d'achèvement: 2016

Produits associés
  • Moniteur Loft
  • Platine Cityline Classic

The Hotel Reina Victoria (now known as "One Shot Palacio Reina Victoria 04") is a classic styline building. It is part of the architecture's history of Valencia. Located in the centre of the city, it was built in 1910 by the valencian architect Luis Ferreres Soler. It was the first hotel of Valencia. Famous people as Ernest Hemingway, Jacinto Benavente, Federico García Lorca or Robert Capa stayed in this classic location.

The building incorporates a classic audio Cityline outdoor entry panel of Fermax with cardholder, a contemporay and awarded door entry system. The panel is used to give access to the service personnel and providers. Indoors, personnel opens the door thanks to two LOFT monitors, allowing to control the access from the kitchen and the office. Moreover, the monitor is used as intercom between both locations.