FERMAX supports the activity of the urban artist Felipe Pantone during 2017

31 mars 2017

Mathematical abstraction, the technology immersed in everyday life and colour. With these three essential ingredients and without getting out of the aesthetics of graffiti, urban artist Felipe Pantone has created a personal language and an attractive work of art with which he is conquering both the most avant-garde spaces and the best galleries on the planet. During 2017, Fermax will support Pantone in an interesting list of projects that will take him around six countries.
Felipe Pantone

                                 Chromodynamics by Pantone. LisbonWeek

In March 2017, Felipe Pantone painted in Lisbon as he was invited by the LisbonWeek festival, curated by Galería Underdogs and sponsored by Fermax. The mural he painted for this occasion is, by the moment, the biggest one of his career. It is an impressive façade of 17 storeys and 45 metres high that the artist covered with a palette of ordered colours, like the pixels of a screen. While the work was performed, Galería Underdogs opened an exhibition called Artifact to human communication in the Portuguese capital, which presented the latest artwork of Pantone, whose origin is Argentina but he is settled in Valencia from the age of 10.


Felipe Pantone
Felipe Pantone

It has been a spectacular start to season for Pantone. The artist is going to travel, with the support of Fermax, to six countries in which he will perform various interventions in large format. His planning includes, among others, a project for Hasselt (Belgium) in May and the interior of a two floors garage in the French town of Saint Gervais in June. Pantone will continue working all around the world thanks to the leitmotif that perfectly fits into the urban environment and it has almost a universal acceptance: speed, disposable activities and liquid modernity.


Since several years, the artist has been invited by cities as Tokyo, Mexico City, Paris, Las Vegas or Bangkok, working in orders made by brands like Nike or Red Bull. Felipe Pantone has shown a vertiginous career development that has taken him from the streets of Valencia to the walls of half-way around the world in record time. Ironic and conceptual, colorful and obsessive, this man, whose work is increasingly appreciated, has, however, an unknown face. No photos or videos. This is a tradition of urban artists.

With the support of this ‘Valencian’ artist, Fermax follows up its commitment to urban art, a line of work which started when the company transformed the central facilities located in Valencia into a large mural of 1.600 square metres. Since then, while its corporate building became an international reference point for all street art lovers, Fermax has been integrating in the Branding strategy the support to this type of art, as it has a huge social transforming power.  

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