How does FERMAX manufacture vandal-proof door entry systems?

26 septembre 2017

MARINE is the vandal-proof door entry panel from FERMAX. This outdoor entry system is made of 316L stainless steel and it has 2,5mm width. MARINE is one of the most resistant equipment of Fermax outdoor panels range because of its high quality on both materials and production processes.
Placas Marine Antivandálicas

MARINE is a door entry panel for those architecture projects requiring a higher level of security or places with adverse and extreme climate conditions. Thanks to the stainless steel with IP54 IK09 protection, MARINE is a door entry solution able to resist in corrosive and wet environments. The panels incorporates a cellular rubber airtight seal that assures a perfect panel-to-wall fit to prevent water and dust filtrations.

Placas Marine Antivandálicas

The sober and essential monoblock design allows the Spanish company to offer a great range of special panels. Fermax has a stainless steel machining line through laser cutting. This process provides total flexibility for producing custom MARINE panels according to the requirements of the end-user or the project manager. And the best is the delivery timing: MARINE special panels are produced in 1 week. Fermax is the only door entry systems’ manufacturer in the world that produces their own steel panels.

Visible elements of MARINE outdoor panels

The vandal-proof panels from Fermax are composed of different materials and devices:

Placas Marine Antivandálicas
The wide-angle colour camera as standard incorporates leds for a better night vision or in conditions of poor lighting. The audio amplifier is made in SMD and it is subjected to a tropicalisation process to resist in extreme exterior conditions. The voice synthesizer language, which emits the message ‘The door is open. Please close the door behind you’, can be configured into up to 32 languages. The speaker ensures a high performance and quality audio level.

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MARINE pushbuttons are vandal-proof, made of stainless steel. They integrate an anti-lock system. These pushbuttons are prepared to face any impact. MARINE cardholders with pushbuttons are made of 6mm width polycarbonate.

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The metallic keypad installed in the digital panels is manufactured in zamak. Moreover, this keypad integrates back-lighting.

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Security vandal-proof screws are used during the mounting process. These type of screws can be only extracted with a special key that it is supplied with the panel.

Placas Marine Antivandálicas
Furthermore, MARINE panels can integrate access control systems, both from Fermax or from third-parties: keypad, proximity reader or biometric access control systems like fingerprint.

What it best, MARINE panels can be personalised with the name of the project and even include the numbers of each residence or the owners name in the same steel panel. Fermax uses laser engraving. This is for sure an additional value and an exclusive service for the most prestigious and demanding architecture projects.

About the installation process in the building, MARINE panels mounting is easy, as the modules are pre-programmed. A great advantage for installers or integrators of door entry systems. 

MARINE: A distinguishing feature for reference projects

We can find custom MARINE panels installed in several architecture reference projects in the world. Some of these projects including special MARINE panels are the following:

Yungaba (Australia)

Yungaba The Residences is a residential community located in Brisbane, developed by Frasers Property Australia. It is a renovation Project, based on Yungaba House, an Italian-style historic house built in 1887. Now, it is an exclusive complex composed of high-standard apartments and common facilities as swimming pool, gym or barbeque areas. 

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MARINE panel was personalised with a great title that welcomes both residents and visitors. This outdoor panel integrates a digital display, keypad and proximity reader to facilitate the access to residents or staff. 

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Trafalgar Place (London)

Trafalgar Place is a well-known residential complex that takes part of the prestigious Elephant and Castle project.  It is composed by 235 high quality apartments. A renovation project that respects the environment and the history of neighbouring buildings.  In 2016, this project received the RIBA Stirling Prize, the most important award for the British architects. 11 MARINE panels were installed in the complex.  

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Photo: Architecture Studio DRMM

Leedon Residences (Singapore)

This is an impressive project located in a high-standard area of Singapore city. It is the biggest residential complex of the 10th district. Leedon Residences was designed by SCDA Architects. The project was honoured with the BCA Green Mark GoldPlus Award because its energy efficiency.  

Placas Marine Antivandálicas

As we have seen in this post, MARINE is the perfect combination between arts&craft plus technology. FERMAX disposes of a special machining line to manufacturing stainless steel panels. This equipment allows the company to produce any type of MARINE panel, depending on the needs of the client. In the following video, you will see the full production process of custom MARINE panels. 


What type of special MARINE panels is possible to manufacture?

  • Special formats and dimensions.
  • Integration of access control modules and special combination with amplifier, pushbuttons and other accessories.
  • Laser engraving of logotype, name of the building, name of residents…
  • Integration of residence’s number and messages.
  • Pushbuttons without cardholder or free disposal.
  • It can include back-lighting.

Any professional of our sector, or even the end-user, can design a special MARINE panel by just downloading this form or asking to our sales team about the best solution for the project.