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LYNX FW Updater Tool

7 décembre 2017

LYNX FW Updater Tool - Upgrade LYNX installations eassily

In order to upgrade your LYNX installations, we have prepared an updater tool that can be useful to make this task easily and automatically.
On the following link you can download the files needed:


With this Updater Tool, the installer can upgrade any LYNX installation in 4 simple steps.

The current .zip files in “upgrade” folder are LYNX v3.3
We can swap these files by new ones afterwards in order to use the same tool for next LYNX FW releases.

Set in IPList the corresponding IPs of the equipment we want to upgrade.
One IP per row.

Execute Updater.bat

Updater_check.bat will only check versions, this script will not perform any upgrade.


This tool will analyze automatically all IPs, detecting if they are VIVO, SMILE or LYNX PANELS and applying the corresponding upgrade properly.
Devices are upgraded 5-by-5 in parallel. The following window will appear: 

We can see the following information:

  • Type and quantity of devices detected
  • Current version and MAC address
  • Possible upgrading errors (not upgraded for any reason).

Once the process has been finished, all the equipment indicated will reboot and launch with the corresponding new version.