Our partner LABADIE celebrates its 55 years of history, and 31 together with FERMAX

Our partner LABADIE celebrates its 55 years of history, and 31 together with FERMAX

June 30, 2022

During all our trajectory we have been fortunate to grow thanks to the trust and commitment of our customers. Together, we have crossed borders and connected people and homes all over the world in more than 70 countries. 

Our purpose becomes meaningful in the hands of those who share our values and feel part of the FERMAX family. That is why we are proud to celebrate each year with them.


More than 30 years of collaboration between two leading brands

Photo: Mr Roberto Este, founder of Labadie.

This month our partner in Argentina LABADIE by Fermax celebrates its 55th anniversary. A very special date on which we also celebrate that for 31 years we have also been part of their history. This is how Roberto Alejandro Este, son of Mr Roberto Este, LABADIE’s founder, remembers the beginning of our journey together:

"Labadie was a pioneer in the local Argentinean market, launching the first Videoportero® in 1967 and simultaneously patenting the terms Videoportero® and Porterovisor® as its own brands, thus initiating a long road that would later lead us to coincide with Fermax and to discover that both companies had followed similar paths. In 1991 we received a visit from Don Fernando Maestre, founder of FERMAX, with a very interesting proposal that filled us with enthusiasm. Becoming the exclusive official distributors of FERMAX in Argentina and visiting his headquarters in 1992 marked the beginning of a path full of common values on which both family companies were forged: trust, respect, commitment and the importance of honouring one's word".

A relationship that has grown even stronger over the years thanks to the continuous collaboration between the two parties. Together we have participated in numerous international conventions and visited each other regularly in our respective facilities. We also trained LABADIE’s technical team at our headquarters in Valencia (Spain) to pass on all our knowledge and experience.

Timoteo Este, third generation of the LABADIE family, recalls his experience during the 6 months he spent with us:

"From my experience I understood that it was necessary to understand that Argentina had to adapt quickly to the changes and that FERMAX was a sure guarantee, as its search for new forms of communication and connectivity in homes is constant. The focus on connectivity and current technological trends allows us to be aligned with the new paradigms of the modern world, always thinking of solutions for our end users; the essence of Labadie".

Photo: Fernando Maestre Azcón, President of FERMAX, with Labadie's team.

We are delighted to celebrate this anniversary together and thus consolidate the good relationship that our respective founders built at the time and that it still continues to unite us. Our president Fernando Maestre Azcón dedicates special words to them:

"Professional customers prefer long-term relationships. Over time, we have been sharing that trust with a company with the same mindset since its foundation. It has been very easy. We have gone through the good times and the bad times with loyalty and commitment. And we are still there, together. To all Labadie family, thank you for everything!