New version of Wi-BOX app for call forwarding to mobile phones from VDS monitors

New version of Wi-BOX app for call forwarding to mobile phones from VDS monitors

January 27, 2022

Is it possible to perform the same functions from your mobile phone as you do from the VDS monitor or telephone in your home? With our technology it is possible thanks to Wi-BOX, a WiFi device that allows you to answer calls from the VDS phone or monitor and open the door from your mobile phone. The user only has to download the free WI-BOX app, which is now updated with new improvements and functionalities.

One of the most outstanding new features of Wi-BOX, and the most demanded by users, is the Photocaller function, which allows the capture of an image of the last 10 registered calls. In this way, the user will be able to see who has knocked on his door, regardless of whether he has been able to answer the call or not.

Likewise, opening the door from the mobile phone will now be much quicker and easier thanks to the direct door opening function, without the need to enter security codes or identification mechanisms that cause the user to miss the call.

In terms of security and app compatibility, Wi-BOX also features improvements. The user will have the option of increasing the security of access to the app through identification by fingerprint, phase ID, pattern or PIN code. Likewise, users will also be able to receive and answer calls on tablets, headsets and hands-free devices thanks to the improved compatibility of the new version.

Users who already have Wi-BOX installed, will only have to update the app to the new firmware in the Settings menu - Firmware version - Update.

This year, as a novelty in our range of CONNECTED KITS, we include the new VDS Kit with Wi-BOX to provide connectivity also to single-family homes with VDS technology.

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