VEO-XL becomes essential within the VEO range

VEO-XL becomes essential within the VEO range

May 31, 2022

It has been 1 year since its launch and it has already entered the lives and homes of thousands of people. Still not familiar with VEO-XL?

This hands-free monitor with 7" panoramic screen has been very well received by professionals and end users, becoming essential within the VEO range

Would you like to know why? Keep reading!


The perfect design that has it all

Its extra-flat, minimalist, and discreet design make VEO-XL perfect to integrate into any space and with any style. A safe choice that has made it the favourite monitor of VEO range for many new residential, single-family, and business projects.

The comfort of hands-free communication together with the integration of advanced features make it a safe bet. One of the most valued features for the added security it offers is the automatic image capture on call and it is included in all VEO monitors.


The comfort and security of connectivity

With the VEO-XL WiFi monitor users can forward video door entry calls to their mobile phones via the BLUE by FERMAX app. 

Thanks to this, users will be able to manage the video door entry system features directly from their mobile phone, answer the call and open the door from anywhere in the world. A plus in comfort and security that allows users to stay connected and manage the access to their home or business without having to be there physically.

And now? Are you switching to VEO-XL?

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