Social Action

Acción social

Social Action

FERMAX regularly collaborates with Non-profit organisations in the surrounding areas, such as the Valencian Charity Association, the Spanish Association against Cancer, the Valencian Cerebral Paralysis Association, and, in emergency situations, activates its resources to respond to needs as they arise.

The contributions are made in the form of products, event sponsorships, financial support or collaboration in the collection of toys, clothes, bottle caps or non-perishable goods.

If the request is timely, the criteria used to approve the aid are:

  • That the organisation is legally constituted and registered as such.
  • That it collaborates in caring for people with disabilities.
  • That it is a local project.
Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer -
sociación Valenciana de Ayuda a la Parálisis Cerebral (AVAPACE) -