Our Brand

Nuestra marca




The brand has three identifying elements.

Verbal: its pronunciation FERMAX;
Visual: the way FERMAX is written (typography)
Sign that accompanies it (background rectangle)
The Fermax brand must be displayed on any support and in all cases with both elements.

SIGN (background rectangle)

The logo is contained by a stable sign represented by a geometrically regular rectangular background, reinforcing the contrast of the brand and our institutional solidity. This sign cannot be separated from the logotype.

LOGOTYPE (Fermax typography)

Consisting of the founder’s initials, this logo is formally based on the Helvetica neue extended bold typography, redesigned by hand and with variations in the proportions.

The FERMAX brand is internationally registered.


From this structural grid, the constituent elements of the brand are arranged to avoid any modification or distortion.




Respect the brand limit measurements, assuring the clarity and legibility of all its elements. The brand must not be reproduced in dimensions smaller than 2.5 cm.


The minimum security space that must be left around the brand. It is essential to respect this area so as not to hamper its legibility. This space must be increased as far as possible, separating the Fermax brand from the rest of the elements on the page (text and images).

The brand must have at least one isolation area for the four sides corresponding to the total of what would add up to twice the height of the Fermax brand.


Corporate Colours


In the case of the logo, according to the type of piece to be used, a plain white ink will be assigned to it or it will simply be applied over pantone 294.

Plain ink: Pantone 294 C | CMYK: 100 | 56 | 0 | 18

RGB: 0 | 67 | 140 | hexadecimals: #00438C

Pantone 294 is used in those pieces that represent the company directly. E.g.: institutional stationery, promotional pieces, surroundings (commercial, subsidiary offices, etc) and logo stamping on vehicles.

The brand must be reproduced in direct colours when it is printed on stationery, forms, etc.


Plain ink: Pantone Black C | CMYK: 0 | 0 | 0 | 100

This chromatic variable is to be applied in graphic pieces that represent a particular product or kit.

In the case of the logo, according to the type of piece to be used, a plain white ink will be applied or simply added over the black.


Corporate Typographies

For corporate pieces, the Univers typography will be the only font that may replace the Helvetica.

In product campaigns, the choice of typeset will be freer, selecting between one and three families at most.

The typography adopted by FERMAX is "Helvetica" (in all its variations), which, due to its high level of legibility, will be used in all communication supports for holders, texts, inscriptions, etc.

The typographic family is another identifying element of the corporate graphic system. The quality of its selection will determine the degree of balance, the formal harmony and the stylistic unity between the company’s graphic items.