Official letter from Fermax CEO on the situation caused by COVID19.

May 4, 2020

In our 71 years of history, at Fermax we have learned to combat and overcome all times of change and crisis, maintaining our leadership in the sector. And this is going to be just another crisis to overcome.

Official letter from Fermax CEO COVID19


Dear customer,

We are all experiencing a health, social and economic situation that has been described by experts as the most convulsive since the Second World War. In just a few months, our lives and our habits have been tremendously affected by a virus, COVID-19, for which we still do not have a vaccine or major treatments to control it.

In this context of high uncertainty, Spain is being one of the most affected countries in the world in terms of health. From FERMAX we join the collective effort that is being made to fight the coronavirus and we want to send a message of support to all the families affected by this pandemic.

However, behind every moment of difficulty, there are always opportunities. During the 71 years of our existence, since 1949, we have overcome and lived through many difficult moments of change. The best testimony is our seven decades of successful commercialization and leadership in our sector. A leadership based on the relationship and service to our customers, on the continuous technological innovation and on the family business culture that defines us.

We want to emphasize that our production center in Valencia is open, operative and supplying without incidents the products to any country, under the same usual quality controls. With FERMAX, you have the guarantee of a leading, sustainable and reliable company.

We see the future with enormous optimism. DUOX, our digital system based on two wires, is very close to making a definitive and disruptive breakthrough that will mark a new era in the door entry and video entry sector. We look forward to being able to reveal and share all the benefits and business plan around the launching of a new system. But we will keep the secret a few more months...

To conclude, we would like to thank you for your trust and your confidence in our company. We strongly believe that our enthusiasm and our constant work to continue offering the best products and services is our greatest commitment to you.



Jeremy Palacio