DUOX Smart System for all. You choose the cable.

April 23, 2015

Duox totally simplifies any installation, as it combines full digitization with the option to use a basic two-wire non-polarized cable, transmitting both power supply and audio, video and data signals.

DUOX. Any type of cable.


DUOX works equally well for any type of cable, whatever the size and type of installation. Its versatility knows no bounds, so the choice of wiring will depend on taste, local traditions or even previously existing wiring setups, but it will never be conditioned by equipment requirements. You choose the cable.

All cables:

  • In new works, it is possible to use either parallel cable, twisted pair, UTP (CAT-5) or 9 /10º.
  • In replacement works is where DUOX demonstrates its maximum versatility, as it can run on the existing wiring in old installations: 5 wire, 2-wire bell or even the old 4+N cable. It even allows cable splicing without affecting the final communication quality.

Just two wires. New or existing cable.