New Desktop Supports

October 13, 2015

Elegant and especially functional. Fermax desktop supports allow a call from the entrance phone to be answered from the office desktop.

Recommended for offices, businesses and professionals who work from home.

Soporte para videoportero

There are differents desktop supports depending on the terminal to install (telephone or monitor) and the model (Smile, iLOFT or VIVO).

Fermax desktop supports include all the necessary elements for a quick and easy installation.

  • 316L stainless steel support that includes a self-adhesive protection to prevent slipping.
  • Four M3 x 5 screws.
  • Four screws and dowels rosette or junction box wall.
  • White telephone cord 8-way / 2 meters and frontal surface rosette or wall junction box with 8 connections.
  • guided adhesive cable clamp.​

Fitting instruccions

  1. Install the monitor connector on the desktop and secure it with the screws provided.
  2. Connect the power strips according to colour code and installation.
  3. Place the monitor on the connector.
  4. Clean with alcohol the area where you intend to put the cable and clip it to the support

Download the Desktop Supports Brochure