The international Street Art meets in Paris in cooperation with Fermax

May 23, 2016

From 10th to 12th of May, the Street Art Life! Exhibition took place in the centre of Paris (France). The exhibition, composed by emblematic works of prestigious international Street Art artists, was sponsored by Fermax.

The leading residential communications’ brand, which a few years ago transformed its headquarters in Valencia into a large Street Art wall, continues supporting these original type of art. Indeed, last April Fermax supported an important Street Art event in London, Paint Your London. In Street Art Life! Fermax contributed to organising this spectacular event, an idea by Tous Pour l’Art, a non-lucrative association.

Street Art Life! was held in an exceptional background: the historic headquarters of the Credit Lyonnais in Paris, which became Le 19 LCL. The building hosted a collection of iconic works made by some of the most interesting names of the French and International graffiti world: Latlas, Brus, C215, Debens, Dizer, Monsieur CHAT, Popay, Psyckozem Sun7 and Zevs. During the exhibition days, all those artists were in the focus of this extraordinary works’ sale. Artists as the Mexican Paola Delfín and the German performer Boris Hoppek were specially invited to the event. Paola Delfín made a live wall painting. Boris Hoppek did an interesting performance.

The organisers of the event, Tous pour l’Art, were supported by Nobulo and Portmanteau, as well as the Valencian video entry systems brand. Fermax was represented in the show by Alberto Maestre (Board of Direction) who visited the exhibition accompanied by his family. Fermax Brand Manager and representatives from Fermax France also attended the show. Fermax placed the Spanish touch to the event, offering a wine and ham tasting.

Tous pour l’Art is an association whose president is Emmanuel de Brantes, a prestigious French intellectual and gallerist. His objective is to promoting the graffiti as a tool to strength the social system. This association has been organising numerous campaigns of Street Art in public spaces. A sample is a campaign of giant portraits of anonymous people that were chosen by the public.

Fermax is committed to promote Street Art as the company is convinced about the transformation’s power of these actions. Because of that, following the big event that the transformation of Fermax headquarters supposed thanks to the wall graffiti, Fermax is supporting during the 2016 several activities related to the promotion of Street Art, in the countries Fermax is strongly rooted. Next event will take place in Belgium and México.

Elena Ravello, Brand Manager with Alberto Maestre, Corporate Development Director

Street Art Life! was held in an exceptional background: the historic headquarters of the Credit Lyonnais in Paris