FERMAX presents THE VEO KITS: an essential combination for homes and businesses

October 13, 2016

Fermax brings VEO Kits to propose homes and businesses the essential and fundamental on video door entry systems, offering the maximum security and beauty in an all-in-one-solution.

VEO Kits include all the necessary material for the installation: a Cityline outdoor entry panel, the VEO monitor and the power supply. The new kit offers an efficient solution to renovating any video door entry system’s installation thanks to DUOX technology, a system that uses the existing wiring in individual homes, offices and businesses.


DUOX VEO Kits: installation using the 2 non polarized wires technology
The VEO monitor has a balanced design of pure lines, differentiating, modern and minimalistic. Moreover, with DUOX it offers more possibilities, managing the monitor from the OSD Menu, as selection of call tones or the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function. The monitor also allows to programme a ‘panic call’ button or activate up to two additional functions that installer and user can decide to choose: opening a second door, turn on additional lights, etc.
The Cityline panel included in the kits is a safe value for installers and end-users. It is the result to unite the classic aesthetic, robustness and reliability of Fermax. It has been designed and manufactured on anodized aluminium to resist the outdoor conditions for lots of years.

VEO Kits are also available in VDS Version. VEO VDS monitors include the essential functionalities of our video door entry systems: door opener, call to guard, auto start of the camera, activation of 2 additional functions and volume/colour/contrast control.
VEO Kits are available at Fermax official distributors:

Ref. 9421 Kit VEO DUOX colour 1/L
Ref. 9422 Kit VEO DUOX colour 2/L
Ref. 4907 KIT MEMOVISION VEO DUOX colour 1/L
Ref. 4908 Kit VEO OneToOne DUOX colour 1/L
Ref. 9411 Kit VEO VDS colour 1/L
Ref. 9412 Kit VEO VDS colour 2/L