Jean Pierre Piret (FERMAX BELGIUM) awarded in the gala of Brands of Spain 2017

December 12, 2017

Jean Pierre Piret, who has been the distributor of FERMAX in Belgium for over 25 years and is now part of the Spanish door entry systems company, was one of the guests of the exclusive award party of the Brand of Spain, held in Brussels on 27th November 2017. In this event, the institution Brand of Spain recognised companies and professionals who have stood out for helping to strengthen links between Belgium and Spain. Attended by first level participants, the event was a great act for promoting the Spanish brands.

The Brand of Spain gala was organized by the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg. It was held at the Hotel Plaza in Brussels. Some of the high representative attendants were: attended by the president of that institution, Cecilia Yuste (Ambassador of Spain in Belgium), Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros (High Commissioner for the Brand of Spain) and José Luis Bonet, president of Brands of Spain Association and Freixenet, one of the most recognised names of this club. During the event, the ambassador of Spain in Belgium highlighted the close relationship that both nations had in the past and now, in the 21st century, is enhanced by the presence of Belgian students in Spanish universities and important economic investments. On the other hand, José Luis Bonet appealed to the need to strengthen international links, join forces and, of course, recognise those who bet on Spanish brands.

Spanish Renowned Brands Forum (FMRE)

Jean Pierre Piret, FERMAX "Friend of the Brand of Spain", received the award from Alberto Maestre, Director of Corporate Development at Fermax, who was responsible for the internationalisation of FERMAX. The other awarded people were friends of Freixenet, Cosentino, Lladró and Andreu World, who recognised to be unconditional followers of Spanish brands.

Alberto Maestre (Corporate Director of Fermax) and Jean Pierre Piret (Fermax Belgium) during the gala 

This recognition to Jean Pierre Piret has a very special value for Fermax. He became distributor of Fermax in Belgium in 1991, achieving excellent results. Last year, in 2015, his companies ABYZ (security solutions) and Dobiss Domotics (home automation systems manufacturing) joined Fermax, consolidating the brand in the country under the name FERMAX BELGIUM. The purchase of the majority capital of these two companies by Fermax was the result of an excellent commercial relationship maintained over time and build up thanks to shared values: its commitment to specialization and confidence in the family business model that looks into the long term.

Since FERMAX BELGIUM is a reality, the evolution of the Spanish multinational in this European country is being very positive.