Fermax revolutionizes connectivity: now, even old VDS video door entry systems can be managed from a mobile phone

October 11, 2019

Fermax has set out to give new life to the millions of VDS technology audio and video door entry systems already installed in our cities. How? Their proposal is called Wi-Box. It is a small device that allows any old VDS equipment to connect to the home’s WiFi and transfer its functions to a mobile phone. Security, comfort and mobility for the user. And for professionals, a new business opportunity.


According to the manufacturer's own calculations, there are currently more than three and a half million VDS equipment installed in the world. VDS is a reliable, successful and stable technology because of its characteristics and for a long time, it has been the favourite of installers/installation companies. Today, the VDS installations continue to offer the final customer excellent performance. But the society has changed. Families have changed, and we as individuals move differently. That is why Fermax proposes to give a new digitalized life to the old VDS equipment thanks to Wi-Box.



Wi-Box is a small device (80 x 80 x 20 mm) that is added to the existing installation and allows the VDS equipment to connect to the home WiFi network through the home router. This way, the audio or video door entry system in the home can communicate with the resident's smartphone. From that moment on, users will be able to interact with their door phone in remotely having the same functions as if they were in front of their equipment at home: receiving calls, talking with the visitor, opening the door, calling the concierge, activating the outdoor panel camera, capturing photos or activating any of the functions established in their equipment. It is also possible to open the door without keys, using the mobile phone.





For families who already have a VDS terminal at home, the advantages are more than obvious: extra comfort, security and mobility that are very much appreciated by today's digital citizens.
For installation companies, Wi-Box means the opportunity for a new business, allowing them to return to customers' homes and offer new solutions to owners. It is offered at a very attractive price and it works with the VDS audio and video door entry models that Fermax has put on the market over the last few years.




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