Home Automation

The video door entry monitor, a user-friendly screen

With Dominium, we integrate the features and functions of a video door entry monitor along with all home automation controls into one single device.

This way we allow for both communication and home control systems to be managed from the same screen in a quick and intuitive way.

Graphic interfaces to control home automation systems

Monitors and touchscreens that allow the home to be controlled via a graphic interface with icons for the different functions.

The interface is fully programmable. Layouts, images, and photographs can be added and icons positioned on them.

The displays connect to Wi-Fi so the system can be controlled via mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Measurement of consumption and management of heating and air conditioning

The consumption modules allow the home's power consumption to be monitored and provides information on total consumption for different time intervals.

The temperature sensors offer intelligent management of heating and air conditioning using the programmable thermostat, scene, and remote control functions.

Management of technical alarms

Centralized administration of alarms which allows the system to be managed by telephone by means of a voice menu.

Allows the use of up to three phone numbers for technical alarm notifications.

The system has six inputs so you can connect any kind of sensor, and four 6A potential-free relay outputs pre-configured to control the boiler, siren, and water and gas solenoids.

Digital input and output modules

These provide a variety of inputs and outputs for the different models to control the home's functions.

The outputs can connect and disconnect electronic devices such as lights, heating, air conditioning, blinds, etc.

The inputs allow standard switches and pushbuttons to be incorporated into the home automation system.

Available in different formats to be installed on DIN rail, junction boxes, etc.

Accessories for installation and commissioning

Roll of 6 wires (four 0.22 mm, and two 0.5 mm) , shielded and halogen-free for data BUS wiring.

BUS terminator which allows BUS monitoring and detection of possible errors.

Gateway to connect Fermax Dominium monitors with BUSing wiring devices via 868 MHz wireless communication. Designed for mounting in the flush box of the video door monitor.

Motion detection and technical alarms

Motion detectors in different formats, including fully-concealed detector sensor that detects movement through walls and ceilings made of any non-metal material.

Thermo-velocimetric fire detector for fire detection in areas where smoke is commonly present (detects sudden changes in temperature).

Flood sensors to detect leaks. Connected to the technical alarm management system so alarms and warnings can be generated and solenoids activated.

Control of regulated lighting

Allows regulation of lamp brightness via pushbuttons or the system's touchscreens.

Scenes can be programmed with specific lighting levels.

Models are available specifically for LED lighting, including a RGB color control module.

Available in different formats to be installed on DIN rails or junction boxes.

Remote System Management

Web servers with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Allows the home automation system to be controlled with a PC connected to the internet using any standard web browser.

The system can be accessed remotely with a password via the server.

Allows the system to be managed with mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Control applications for iOS and Android are free of charge.