FERMAX shall provide guarantee during a period of 36 months

FERMAX shall provide guarantee during a period of 36 months following the date of the sale invoice for any original defects in the Products, subject to the terms and conditions established in the legislation in force and in these Commercial Conditions of Sale. This guarantee shall be processed by the Official Technical Services and Official Distributors of FERMAX regardless the location of purchase.

The Products processed for guarantee that do not comply with the provisions set forth in the previous paragraph shall be treated as out of guarantee. FERMAX reserves the right to apply the appropriate measures to compensate any possible damages caused.

Any deficiencies beyond the control of FERMAX shall be excluded from the guarantee and liability of the latter, specially when they are the result of normal wear, false information provided by the Buyer, inadequate maintenance, failure to observe the operating instructions, use of any inappropiate material, influence of chemical or electrolytic action or other similar causes.

24 meses

The guarantee of FERMAX shall be subject to the appropriate compliance with all payment terms and conditions agreed with the Buyer.