Residence Waeyenbergh

Project details

Number of homes/users: 39
Number of accesses: 3
Address: Mgr. van Waeyenberghlaan, Leuven
Country: Belgium
End date: 2020

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Residence Waeyenbergh is a building that has been totally renovated. The new construction has completely transformed the landscape in the street: Contemporary green roofs around the terraces of the penthouses and the view of the inner garden complete the picture. In addition, the 39 apartments are divided into 3 blocks, each with a separate entrance and lift for maximum accessibility.

All apartments have the same high standard of finishing and are equipped with home automation.

Fermax Belgium has provided the Door Entry & Home Automation equipment in the 39 apartments, combining the power of DUOX 2 wires system and Dobiss Home Automation system.

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