The revolutionary audio and video door entry system

Duox by Fermax


No more tangles, incompatible connections and impossible installations. With DUOX it comes easy, the new, the revolutionary.
Full Digital

Full digital

DUOX is the first fully digital Smart System in 2-wire non-polarized technology. It is the most technologically advanced system worldwide.
Todos los estilos

All styles

It is possible to tackle large-scale as well as smaller projects, detached family homes or apartments grouped into condominiums, vertical structures or horizontal designs.

Todos los cables

All types of cabling

In new works you can use either parallel, twisted pair, UTP (CAT -5) or 9/ 10°. In replacement it works with the existing wiring in older installations: 5-wire, 2-wire ring or even the old 4+N cable.


Simplified Installation

Basic non-polarized 2-wire cable With no added elements to the equipment, without distributors, splitters or switchers. Voice-guided programming system.

Máximas capacidades

Maximum capacities

The full system digitization has the potential to offer installers and integrators maximum capacities, exceeding the real market demands.



The choice of terminal only depends on the user. The decision can even be taken after installation, simply by replacing the home telephone with a monitor.


Duox is the new digital technology that makes the difficult easy

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