FERMAX acquires 20% of the startup DEKALABS to advance in its technological growth strategy.

February 8, 2021

FERMAX has managed to maintain the growth in the recent years despite the difficulties of COVID-19.


FERMAX, the Valencian multinational company, a world leader in the manufacture of electronic door entry systems, video door entry systems, home automation and access control, has acquired 20% of the Valencian start-up DEKALABS, dedicated to developing technological projects, web applications and mobile applications, creating digital solutions and products using disruptive technologies.

With this strategic alliance, FERMAX seeks to consolidate and accelerate its technological development in its strategy to make the leap into the services sector, thus consolidating its growth project towards a more connected world, connecting their systems with homes and providing added value. "With our collaboration with DEKALABS we continue to advance in new lines of business, seeking to acquire technological knowledge and innovation", said Jeremy Palacio, CEO of FERMAX. He also added: "in the recent years we have been allocating around two thirds of our profits to R&D to maintain our market share and potentially continue to grow".

Constant innovation is in the multinational's DNA: "We cannot stand still in such a changing and fast-paced world, we have to innovate and look for new product lines... which is a challenge in our day-to-day work", added the CEO.

Despite the difficult global health and economic context caused by the coronavirus pandemic, FERMAX has proved its leadership and solvency by increasing its market share and business figures in the recent years, thanks to its strategy of moving from product sales to offering their customers new services. With the arrival of the software world, FERMAX has focused on new product lines such as home automation or building automation and for this it is crucial to invest in what the company knows as ´technology forecasting´, supporting investment in R&D, universities, technological institutes or collaborating with start-ups to acquire technological knowledge and innovation, such as the latest acquisition of 20% of DEKALABS.