Check your door entry system from any land or mobile phone.

July 30, 2013

Would you like to control in every moment what happens at your door? Attend your visits even when you are not at home? Now this is possible. And very simple. It is enough to include in your installation the new Telephone Interface from Fermax.

With the new Fermax Telephone Interface you can control your Door Entry System from any land line or mobile phone, whether you are at home, business or office. No matter where you are, calls can be forwarded to the outside through the telephone line, allowing to attend visits and open the door from a remote location.

It is the perfect complement to any Audio or Video Door Entry System.


If you are at home, you can answer the call from the outdoor panel, either from your FERMAX telephone/monitor or from any fixed or wireless telephone with the possibility to combine the reception of these calls and those from the telephone line. This last one will always have priority over the outdoor panel call if they are received simultaneously. The telephone interface installation is performed inside the house, being connected to the telephone line. Compatible with RDSI / ADSL analogue lines through adapters or filters.


If you are out, you can forward the call of the audio/ video door entry system to an external land line or mobile telephone, controlling your entrance door all time.

¡Desvía al móvil las llamadas del videoportero!
The possibility to remotely interact with the home equipment means the following as well:

  • Forward the calls. In case there is no response from the internal telephones, the call is forwarded to a second phone.
  • Access any other function of the door or video door entry system (with a PIN code) remotely from the phone: door opening, alarm activation or deactivation, lights, etc…
  • Adjust audio levels from your phone.
  • Change in a dynamic way the conversation from full-duplex to half-duplex or simplex mode.
Interface Telefónico
ref. 4545 - Telephone Interface