DUOX. Maximum profitability, say goodbye to mistakes

May 14, 2015

With Duox the wiring simplifies reducing the installation mistakes. The start-up is quicker thanks to the voice-guided programming system.

DUOX totally simplifies any type of installation, since the full digitization is combined with the option of using a basic non-polarized 2-wire cable to transmit both power supply and audio, video and data signals.

All of this with no added elements to the equipment, as DUOX runs without distributors, splitters or switchers.

DUOX. Adiós a los errorres

And that’s not all: We have built a voice-guided programming system into the equipment, making installation configuration and start-up easier.

The advantages of DUOX for professionals are definitive:

  • Installation times and costs are reduced.
  • Wiring errors disappear.
  • System programming is quicker and easier.
  • It facilitates subsequent interventions, which will be faster and more economical.

Say goodbye to mistakes. Maximum profitability for specialist companies.