INKEY. The perfect key

June 8, 2015

Inkey is the new generation of biometric fingerprint control from Fermax, able to provide maximum reliability, robustness and adaptability.

But, what makes it different?


  • Security: Inkey bases its reliability on capacitive fingerprint reading. It works on the basis of a biological fact: the electrical differences between fingerprint crests and valleys therefore it can´t be reproduced to be used with any other purpose.
  • Capacity: 4.500 users in 1 fingerprint mode or 2.970 in 2 fingerprints per user mode.
  • Double control: Includes a built in proximity reader for major security or for independent registration of users.
  • Simplicity: Stand-alone system which allows to register or remove fingerprints with no need
  • Integration: Our access control can be integrated in any of our door entry panels.


Our projects our best guarantee.

And because we know that you are looking for guarantees, what a better guarantee that those projects in which INKEY has been successfully installed?

Our biometric fingerprint readers have been installed in big worldwide projects as Sanctuary in Kunming (China), Le Nouvel KLCC (Malaysia) or Poznanska (Poland) among others. 

This and other projects evidence the confidence that day by day, architects and installers put on us, recognising Fermax as a solid company capable to give integrated solutions worldwide for any type of project. 

More information in the Access Control General Catalogue.