FERMAX sends its congratulations to paralympic sailor Rafa Andarias for his world championship success.

June 7, 2016

Born in Javea, Spain, Rafa Andarias, who is sponsored by the FERMAX New Values Grant, has beaten the Spanish record at the Paralympic sailing world championship in Medenblik, Holland.

Andarias achieved outstanding results in the Paralympic sailing world championship, where he joined the best of the best in his category, 2.4 mR, finishing 9th in general qualification, and obtaining a historic 8th place for Spain, the best ever to this day.


The athlete was satisfied after the competition had finished, “all the hard work has really payed off these last few months”, Andarias said. For Rafa, it is a significant result, it is the first time that he finds himself in the top 10 in the world.

FERMAX has been following Rafa Andarias´ career since 2008 and is especially proud of the young sportman´s historical achievement. Sponsored by Fermax´s New Values Grant, Andarias upholds the firm´s key values, proving with dedication and perseverance he can reach the top.