Street Art and environmental awareness join forces in Cancun's streets thanks to FERMAX

November 16, 2016

Between the 4th and the 13th of November, three of the best international Street Artists came together in the Mexican Caribbean to create three spectacular murals destined to enhance different neighbourhoods of the city, bolster local communities and create awareness of how important it is to take care of the oceans. The initiative, promoted by conservation organisation Pangea Seed, had the collaboration of FERMAX which, in this way, gives continuity to its work supporting Street Art.

Poster Sea Walls Cancún


Since the beginning of November, three walls of the city of Cancun boast impressive outdoor works of art created by three renowned street artists: Frenchman Remed — born in Paris in 1978, who lives and works in Madrid—, Spok from Madrid — who takes his name from the popular TV series Star Trek— and Smithe One from Mexico —an artist who successfully combines Street Art, illustration and music—.



Street Art Murals by Spok (Spain) and Smithe (Mexico)

The three enormous works have come into being thanks to an initiative by the Pangea Seed foundation, an international organisation dedicated to preserving sea life that has worked for two years on the Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project. With this project, they are taking the sea to the cities, thus creating environmental awareness through its huge murals. In 2016, this project has taken place in San Diego (United States), Toronto (Canada) and Napier (New Zealand) before heading to Cancun (Mexico) from 4th to 13th of November leaving, in every case, a beautiful trail of walls filled with art. This foundation works utilising the power of art to create awareness, stimulate dialogue and inspire a global change in awareness, essential in order to help the oceans, the most important ecosystem on our planet.


By supporting this initiative, Fermax continues to be involved in the development of Street Art, a line of work that started when, some years ago, it invited young artists to transform its central facilities in Valencia into a large mural of 1 600 m2. From then on, its corporate building has been an international reference point for Street Art lovers and the company has integrated the support for this kind of street art into its strategy, recognising its great transformational power.


Façade Fermax Headquarters (Valencia, Spain)

Throughout 2016, Fermax has been present at the best Street Art festivals held in those countries where the company is firmly established. The first of these was Paint Your London, an event that brought to life 20 different murals in a single spring weekend in the British capital. In May, it was the turn of Paris, where the company was supporting Street Art Life!, an exhibition in the centre of the French capital with iconic works from international street artists. More recently, in September, Fermax was at the Art Thema gallery in Brussels promoting the ambitious display entitled Link (on until December 2016), in which seventeen French artists, among the most intense on the European art scene, responded to the call of the sculptor-curator Jak Espi to prove that street art, which started as a transgressive, and even subversive, expressive model, has been finally accepted as an artistic model with a huge capacity for social transformation.

More information at Pangea Seed Foundation


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