FERMAX unveils new High-Range Door Entry Systems at INTERSEC 2019

January 25, 2019

As a world leading Intercom and Access Control brand, Fermax attended the 21st edition of Intersec Dubai, the largest security exhibition in MENA. The Spanish company presented their latest innovations to integrate multiple applications for Smart Homes on door entry systems.

In 2019 Fermax has taken the leap to networkable devices and the integration of multiple applications in residential buildings, managing to merge security systems and smart homes’ applications to lead this trend and offer unique solutions for top constructions. 


MEET IP System: The Combination of Cutting-edge Technology and Design

Fermax most desired demo at INTERSEC DUBAI 2019 was MEET and the new applications especially designed for integrating security and home automation solutions. Exclusive to Intersec 2019, Fermax presented the new high-end range of MEET IP system composed by the new WIT video entry monitors (WIT monitors are already available), and KIN touch panel (KIN will be released during 2019). 



This new cutting-edge technology of Fermax has become a competitive solution for those looking for a versatile, cost-effective and reliable IP Door Entry System. Its uniqueness lays on its connectivity to third party devices, CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access Control and Home Automation applications, as well as offering trendy features as call divert to smartphones and face recognition. On top of that, it offers full HD video and outstanding audio quality at an affordable price.

MEET IP system by Fermax is established in the door entry and security market, being already installed in several projects around the world: from the Middle East to Australia, India, China, Spain or the United States among others.


MARINE ELITE: Uniquely Fermax, specially designed for top building projects

MARINE panel is known as one of the best stainless steel panels in the market thanks to its quality, design, robustness and durability. Intersec 2019 was also the opportunity to launch MARINE ELITE, a new bespoke range of stainless steel outdoor panels. 



For Fermax, this is a step forward in the door entry industry, which allows the company to manufacture any type of MARINE panel: Any colour, any size and any composition. Find out in this video how Fermax manufacture their special stainless steel panels.


DUOX: Easy as 2 wires

As one of the flagship door entry technologies of FERMAX, the full digital 2 wires DUOX system was presented at Intersec Dubai. The range showcased included outdoor and indoor devices for different type of markets and residential constructions. This 2 wires intercom system offers multiple advantages: For the door entry installers because its easy installation and programming. On the other hand, it provides a total wiring flexibility to systems’ integrators and builders, being able to adapt to any type of installation, both new constructions or retrofitting projects. Last but not least, DUOX gives the end-user freedom to choose the indoor terminal, depending on his design or functionalities preferences.



DUOX is already making its way into the Middle East market, having been installed in renowned projects as The Views, a construction project developed by Emmar Greens.


FERMAX: Since 1949 building communications 

FERMAX journey started in 1949. Today is well known for its intuitive, user-friendly products, a wide range of references, outstanding customer service and long-lasting presence in the global market of Intercoms, Door Entry Systems, Access Control and Home Automation Solutions. The company’s experience allows the brand to work with the best architectural studios and contribute our Know-How to the most demanding engineering and integration teams.



FERMAX has been attending Intersec Dubai since 2005, being positioned as one of the top door entry exhibitors. In 2019, the team on-site welcomed over 400 system integrators, electrical engineers, developers and constructors from all over the world.