DUOX by Fermax, the 2-wire video door entry system, succeeds around the world

January 27, 2019

DUOX, Fermax's full digital two-wire system is already a worldwide sales success. The road here started in Europe, where its advantages in the retrofitting market soon became evident and where it has become Fermax's best-selling door entry system. And now the proposal extends to Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania. We’ll explain the reasons for its success.

The Fermax design and development team knew that the project they were proposing was a calculated risk, to make a reality of the first fully digital system capable of running on two wires. A lot of uncertainty surrounded the project, but Fermax went on to place DUOX on the professional market, where the system exceeded our expectations.  Because, once good knowledge of the product has been gained, installation companies have compared it with the previous system (VDS) and have overcome the usual reluctance with regard to new technology. The result is overwhelming: DUOX is already the best-selling video door station and presents you with a pretty exciting ride.  



The reason behind this milestone is that the new 2-wire system provides advantages for all agents:

1. For installers of automatic video door stations, the 2-wire DUOX system is particularly appreciated for its advantages when installing and programming video door station entry panels and monitors. Installation is particularly simple, because working with two non-polarized wires from beginning to end, it does not take much time, there are no errors, and it requires a small number of intermediate elements (without needing distributors per floor). And the programming is fast. The panel is programmed by following a voice that guides you. The monitors have a graphical programming menu, and 5 steps and a few seconds are enough for one person to get them ready. In addition to these installation features, another of the many benefits of DUOX is the digital quality of audio and video. This 2-wire video door station allows you to complete a project knowing that there will be no interference in the video or audio signal, and that the reception will be homogeneous in quality throughout the installation.


2. The advantages for builders and people who incorporate intercom and safety systems are varied. What they appreciate most is the absolute flexibility in wiring, because the DUOX system works on any previous installation, from a coaxial to a twisted pair. This is how DUOX has become the most flexible system for refurbishment or replacement projects. In addition, DUOX's large capacity allows it to handle all types of projects, even the most unique. It also has a wide range of products, also in kit format. To the panels, monitors and telephones with the most modern and unique aesthetics on the market, the concierge has recently been added, which is essential for some markets.


3. The end user will also prefer DUOX when they have the opportunity to become familiar with it. Their first advantage is having the opportunity to decide on the type of terminal they want according to their interests: they may be satisfied with just listening on the phone or choosing the video door station monitor they like best. Added to the fact that they will always have the best product design and advanced features such as video capture (Photocaller), opening a second door, a configurable call ring tone, etc. 


DUOX is a safe and competitive proposal guaranteeing users, installers and builders a quick installation, better communication and greater security in homes, businesses and owners’ communities.  

The most innovative 2-wire video door station on the market brings a technological leap to the residential sector, allowing total digitisation in homes and a very promising future. If you want to know more about FERMAX DUOX, download the catalogue and start enjoying its advantages and functionalities.