May 31, 2019

After the launch of the MEET 100% IP system and the new version of the WAY-FI KIT, FERMAX prepares the launch of their next technological developments. Therefore, the company is immersed in the FERMAX CONNECTIVITY TOUR, an event addressed to Fermax Commercial Network, Official Technical Services and main European partners of FERMAX in 13 countries.



The main focus of the Connectivity Tour is to present the technological new releases and connectivity solutions for the home, those which are about to reach the video door entry market in upcoming months, putting technology and design at the service of people.



For 8 weeks, different Fermax teams are travelling to 13 countries to train more than 300 people.   



FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019


FERMAX CONNECTIVITY TOUR is backed by the values that distinguish the Spanish company: The result of 7 decades of dedication designing products and services that combine technology within everyone's reach and a differentiating design, which bring added value to its customers, partners and end users. In this case, through intuitive applications and services for the new digital home.  
With their new connected products, FERMAX opens the world of connectivity to any building and any home.


FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Bilbao
FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Valencia



FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in France



FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Malaga


FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Lisboa


FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Mallorca
FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Switzerland



FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Barcelona



FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in UK
FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Madrid
FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Alicante
FERMAX Connectivity Tour 2019 in Galicia

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