MEET by FERMAX: IP Technology for the new Digital Home

August 26, 2019

IP Video Intercom Systems are becoming more popular not only in industrial environments but also in residential projects. Security business has moved towards IP technology. Video Intercom, on the other hand, is a key system that should be considered as a link between the user and the security systems due to its integration capabilities. With MEET, it’s easy to integrate video surveillance systems and receive alarms at home. It can be integrated with third-party home automation systems and access control solutions.

MEET, the most advanced IP system from FERMAX, was specially designed for residential communication. Secure, reliable and with cutting-edge functionalities, it ensures an outstanding high-quality audio & video, featuring call divert. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain, with almost unlimited capacity. The system is a 100% IP technology based on a Point-to-Point infrastructure, highly efficient, flexible and powerful.



As pointed out by Juan Madrid, Business Development Director and IP Product Manager at FERMAX, “MEET second-generation technology allows our customers to benefit from a top-notch 100% full IP system, even compatible with GPON infrastructure, and a broad range of built in security functions as proximity reader, lift control, face recognition, CCTV visualization and alarm detection”.

​The devices communicate directly, so MEET does not require central units or servers which could compromise the availability of the system in the event of an unforeseen error. MEET allows the installer to freely assign the range of IP addresses according to the needs of each project, and thus facilitate the control of the networks in every building. 

MEET system, launched in January 2018, has already been successfully adopted by FERMAX integrators worldwide. “The market feedback has been very positive, especially due to the flexibility of the system, its capability to integrate with Wiegand controllers or readers and to monitor CCTV cameras through RTSP protocol. All these features allow the system to fulfill project requirements from different markets around the world” assures Francisco Alapont, Solutions Department Director and Digital Business at FERMAX.


100% IP technology and the best design: The best combination for the most outstanding residential projects

MEET is the system that brings to life the state-of-the-art digital panels which include a triple access control system: face recognition, keypad and proximity. The system’s range is made up of digital panels, one-button panels, touch screen monitors, concierge stations and various accessories. KIN panel, for instance, is an interactive approach featuring touch screen. While being elegant and customizable, it allows the visitor to interact in a simple way with its user interface. MILO panel and MEET Guard Unit are outstanding due to their design and intuitive interaction features.

When it comes to the apartments, MEET offers indoor monitors with a simple and compact design.  WIT PoE monitor, with its technology and exclusivity, is specially designed for home automation integration and suitable to fit in the most sophisticated environments; MIO monitor, is a symbol of urban and modern residences, represented by its compact and simple design.

Call Divert function to smartphone has been one of the key goals achieved thanks to MEET ME App, which features a high-resolution image even in portrait mode. It is not only an additional gadget; it is a part of the core features of MEET, which implements by default this function at zero cost. “Connectivity is the cornerstone of FERMAX´s strategy. With MEET system we can offer a seamless and enhanced experience to our installer, connecting our MEET monitors by default without any additional costs related to servers, gateways or licenses. Only one single Internet connection for the building is required.” adds Francisco Alapont.


Easiness of installation along with competitive prices

Competitiveness is key for FERMAX and MEET IP technology allows to offer a complete bundle of features already built in the product without increasing its price. “Our customers will benefit from a wide variety of intercom and security functions in all MEET products. This adds value to the MEET system and revert back to the installer as a turnkey solution in terms of easiness of installation and cost reduction” says Juan Madrid.

We invite you to watch the presentation video to discover the system that matches to the needs of the largest projects and offers solutions for the most demanding technical challenges.