Reference: 5293

Anti-vandalism keyboard with integrated proximity, slim profile and smaller sized. Can work in stand-alone or centralized mode.
Stand-alone mode (by default) with integrated controller


Anti-vandalism keyboard with integrated proximity, slim profile and smaller sized. Can work in stand-alone or centralized mode.
Stand-alone mode (by default) with integrated controller
Maximum capacity up to 600 users.
- Relay output 2A configurable from 1-99sg (5sg by default) or in flip-flop (when the card is presented, the relay is triggered and when it is presented again, it is deactivated).
- Sensor input.
- Exit button input.
- Alarm output (negative output that triggers a ref.2013 relay).
This keypad allows up to 4 different access types:
- Card only
- Card+PIN
- Card or PIN (by default)
- Multi-card, PIN. When from 2 to 9 valid cards or PINs are presented, the door opens.

The access code is input by entering the 4- to 6-digit code + #.

Multi-card/PIN type means that the user must always be accompanied. For example, if it is programmed with 3 identifiers, to be able to operate the door, the user will be there with their valid card and until the two additional cards are swiped (for example by security staff), the door will not open.
Each user is linked with an identifying number called ID (1-600).
Users with ID (1-598) are standard users. When they present a valid card code, the door opens.
Users with ID (599 or 600) are panic users. When these users present their valid card or code, they open the door and simultaneously trigger the auxiliary Alarm-output for one minute or until a valid card or pin is presented.
The keypad has a door sensor input (can be activated or deactivated). If it is activated and the door is opened without prior authorization, the alarm goes off until a valid identifier is presented and the door is closed. It will also set off the alarm if the door remains open for more than 1 minute after a valid access.
The keypad is supplied with two master cards which allow you to register or cancel cards or keyrings, but not codes. The codes are registered through the keypad.
Stand-alone mode with external controller
If a user capacity from 600-1000 is needed, it is possible to configure the keyboard as Wiegand26 and connect it to a stand-alone MINI controller, ref. 5276.
Centralized mode
If you need to have the user database in a PC or allow access to more than 600 people, this keypad can be configured in a Wiegand 26/8bits burst, so that it can be installed in a centralized system such as AC+, which provides you with a record of inputs and outputs knowing time, user and access.
To carry out this type of installation you will need to add to the reference a door controller (ref.4420) and a central unit (ref.4410) which will be linked to the PC by a USB (ref. 24661) or via IP (ref. 2466 + ref. 1087). This provides a record of access entries and exits with a memory of up to 3,000 records without having an online PC. This system allows management of up to 2,046 users per PC and lets you check the user database and view the event log in real time or offline.

Ref. 1076 MAGNETIC CONTACT Door sensor.
Ref. 67501 UNIV. LOCK RELEASE 990N-P22 - 10-24V - MAX
(Door lock release with short shield, normal operation with adjustable latch bolt)
Ref. 4813 12Vdc/2A POWER SUPPLY
Ref. 4802 12Vdc/1A POWER SUPPLY

Technical Specifications


Aluminium 3 mm
Surface mounted system.
Hidden screws.

Surface mounted (55(H) x 147(V) x 20(P) mm.

Power supply:
12-28 Vca/cc
Centralized: 12Vdc
Consumption in standby:
12Vdc / 65mA
Operating temperature: [-20ºC, +60ºC]
Humidity: [10%, 90%]
Compatibility: Cards/keyrings EM(125KHz), MIFARE (13,56MHz) and HID (ISOProxII, 125KHz)
Configurable in proximity protocol Wiegand 26 and 8 bits burst keyboard format.
Relay (stand-alone) 2A (C, No, Nc)
RF radiated power: 125KHz: 4.382dBuA/m, 13,56MHz: 2.02dBuA/m.

STAND-ALONE WIRING (with integrated controller)
~ (red): Positive feed 12~28Vca/cc
~- (grey&black): Negative feed 12~28Vca/cc
C (black&white), NO (blue), NC (green&black): Potential free relay. C_Common, NO_Normally Open, NC_Normally Closed.
GND (black), SP (brown): Door sensor
GND (black), BS (yellow): Hallway exit button
Alarm- (grey), ~(red): Alarm output <200mA

+ (Red): Positive feed 12Vcc
- (black): Negative feed 12Vcc
DT (D0) (green), CK (D1) (white): Wiegand26 connection
G (LED) (brown): LED control
Buzz (Beep) (yellow): Acoustic signal

Weight: 0,5443 kg

Size of product when packed: 5,8x15,6x7,5 cm

EAN 13: 8424299052939