No more tangles, incompatible connections and impossible installations.

With DUOX it comes easy, the new, the revolutionary.


Duox is the first fully digital system in 2-wire technology. It is the most technologically advanced system in the world, allowing an installation in two non-polarized wires (audio, video and data).

No more mix-ups, connection incompatibilities and impossible installations. DUOX is the latest audio digital technology which means a technological and innovative leap in the market.

There are certain things that completely change the sector. Technologies that mark a milestone. That come to make our work lighter and to set a new way to follow.

Duox by FERMAX is here….it changes everything.

Flexibility - Simplicity

  • Simplicity in the installation. Duox is the unique 2 wires digital system of the market, which grants it with a technological advantage in comparison to the rest of the systems. Two communication channels at the same time.
  • Maximum flexibility. Allows all possible connections: star, cascade, distribution, “connecting various cables”, and with any cable of the market. Bliss for the distributors.
  • Stock reduction: does not require floor distributors or panel switchers. Only the panel, power supply, line termination and the terminals are required to complete the installation.
  • Changes everything Without wiring restrictions, DUOX is designed to be installed either in new construction or in replacement.
  • The system with more capacities of the market, (users, blocks, guard units, access controls, extended functions). Going up to 1.000.000 users or addresses.