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Colour aluminium


Colour aluminium

Injected zamak chrome finish Call buttons, in line with the curved panel profile. Sealed for outdoors.
Equipped with special gold plated contacts for lasting durability.

Pressing the call button is confirmed by an acoustic signal from the amplifier.

Pushbuttons include a polycarbonate card slot (front access) to insert a label with the home owner’s name and door number. Built in lighting lets you see the card slots, even in pitch dark.

DUOX System:
this is the first completely digital system in two-wire non-polarized technology. This is the most technologically advanced system in the world, allowing fast installation with just two wires. The most highly simplified and advanced installation system on the market. It maximizes intercom system capacities thanks to digital audio and video transmission.

Duox offers maximum ease of installation, enabling transmission of all signals: power feed, audio, video and data with the highest capacities.

It permits management of
- From 1 to 999,999 apartments:
• Calls from pushbutton panel: 99.
• Calls from keypad panel:
- Sub-block: 99.
- Block: 9999.
- General entry: 999999.

- From 1 to 10 panels:
• Number of panels:
- General entry: 10.
- Block: 10.
- Sub-block: 10.

The maximum distance will depend on the installation topology and cable. See table of sections and distances for more details.

DUOX offers maximum versatility thanks to the stability and strength of signal transmission in this fully digital system which avoids possible feedback and interference in the installation.

The DUOX amplifier includes a voice synthesizer. Operating the lock release issues a message: “door open, close after entry”.

Up to three terminals (telephones/monitors) can be installed in each apartment.

Apartment terminals require simple programming. This programming assigns a call code to each terminal.

Communication is private.

Any type of cable may be selected: parallel, twisted pair and UTP CAT5 in new installations; even existing cables in replacement work can be used (5 wires, 2-wire bell or old 4+N wire).
Non-polarized 2-wire.
Please check the sections-distances-terminals-power supply table.

Technical Specifications

- Resolution: QVGA(320x240 pixels).
- Sensor: 1/3” color CMOS.
- Effective pixels: 1M.
- Minimum external illumination: 0,5 lux.
- SNR >40dB.
- Frame rate 25 fps.
- Auto iris.
- Auto BLC.
- View angle 90º H, 72ºV.
- Color night vision through white led.

Lighting LEDs consumption: 3,5 mA per card slot.

Series 6 Panel.
- Panel measurements: 130x294 mm (width-height):
- Flush-fit box dimensions: 115x280x45 mm (height-width-depth).
- Surface mounted box dimensions: 130x294x33 mm (height-width-depth).

Power: 18 VDC

Power consumption:
- on standby: 240 mA.
- audio active: 560 mA.


Audio capacity home-outdoor panel: 2W

Audio capacity outdoor panel-home: 0.15W

Two-way volume control

Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ºC

Weight: 1,101641 kg

Size of product when packed: 31,5x13,8x7 cm

EAN 13: 8424299702285