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Installed in the accesses to the building, they enable communication with homes, door opening, guard unit call , etc.


Installed in the accesses to the building, they enable communication with homes, door opening, guard unit call , etc.

CityLine Classic is the "continuous profile" outdoor panel line for buildings.

The PANELS are manufactured in anodized aluminium, highly resistant to rough weather and climate changes.

The panel design stands out for its curved-convex profile. A cellular rubber airtight seal included assures a perfect panel-to-wall fit to prevent water filtrations.

It is possible to combine two or more panels, as long as they are from the same series. For a perfect fit, a set of separators should be used for every two panels installed between their flush mounted boxes.

Colour aluminium

Call Pushbuttons: streamlined metallic shape in line with the panel’s curved profile.

Pressing the call button is confirmed by an acoustic signal from the amplifier.

Equipped with special silver plated contacts that make them last longer.

Pushbuttons include a card slot to insert a label with the home owner’s name and door number. When the lighting key on the front of the amplifier is pressed, a soft light lets you see the card slots, even in total darkness.

Conventional System: uses wires common to the whole installation plus 1 call wire (or call return) per home..

Recommended in small to medium-sized buildings (up to 50 residents approx), with several accesses and central guard unit. For residential complexes with general entrance and interior blocks.

- Audio door entry system: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per home).
- Video door entry system: 7 common wires + 1 video coaxial+N (1 call wire per home).
Maximum distance in the installation based on the cable section used (see technical manuals).

Technical Specifications

Series 8 Panel.
- Panel measurements: 130x389 mm (width-height):
- Flush-fit box dimensions: 115x375x45 mm (height-width-depth).
- Surface mounted box dimensions: 130x389x33 mm (height-width-depth).

Power supply:
- Audio: 12 Vac
- Video: 18 Vdc

Consumption:- Standby: 100 mA- Active audio: 200 mA- Lighting per lamp: 70 mA


Audio capacity home-outdoor panel: 1W

Audio capacity outdoor panel-home: 0.15W

Two-way volume control

Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ºC

Weight: 0,9548552 kg

Size of product when packed: 7x41,5x14 cm

EAN 13: 8424299087405