Détails du projet

Nombre de logements/utilisateurs: 62
Nombre d'accès: 3
Pays: Belgique
Date d'achèvement: 2018
Architecte: Stéphane Beel architects
Promoteur: Groep Van Roey

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Hoedhaar is an impressive renovation project located in the heart of Lokeren. It was an old industrial place which was transformed into a park including residential facilities with houses, apartments, commercial spaces and a nursery.

The project was designed to include: 15 spacious individual residences with garden and access to the park, 47 apartments, 4 commercial buildings and an underground garage.

Fermax Installation integrates:

• Block 1: Marine VDS audio panel with 28 LOFT Extra Telephones (ref. 3391).
• Block 2: Marine VDS video panel with 3 iLOFT Pure Monitors 5606 and 19 LOFT Extra Telephones (ref. 3391).
• Block 3: Marine VDS video panel with 5 iLOFT Pure Monitors (ref. 5606) and 20 LOFT Extra Telephones (ref. 3391).

Installer: Innotech bvba (

Builder: Groep Van Roey (