Torres Vitoria

Détails du projet

Nombre de logements/utilisateurs: 360
Nombre d'accès: 5
Pays: Espagne
Date d'achèvement: 2018

Produits associés

Retrofit installation for replacing the door entry system in 5 residential building and 360 apartaments located in Vitoria (Basque Country).

Fermax technology installed is MDS and the installation consists of the following devices:In the exerior, 11 special MARINE audio panels, 15 SKYLINE audio direct MDS panels, 26 CCTV cameras, 26 proximity readers integrated in the outdoor panels, 10 access control kits by proximity on access ramps, 5 RF kits for access ramps, 1500 proximity keyfobs. In the apartments, 360 VDS SMILE 7" monitors have been installed.