FERMAX returns to Light & Building with its latest products.

17 avril 2014

From March 30 to April 4, the German city of Frankfurt hosted the biannual Light and Building trade fair, an event that has gradually grown in importance to become an international point of reference and where the latest video entry systems from Fermax aroused great interest.

The Valencian company has never missed the German event since its inception in 2000 and, as always, their presence left no one indifferent. Fermax took advantage of the occasion to present the new VIVO and SMILE terminals, the latest developments in the video door entry segment. These terminals sparked great interest and represent a clear commitment to communication, energy efficiency and the trend known as "smart building", the line preferred by the most demanding professionals and architects and with the most promising future.

FERMAX Stand at Light and Building 

SMILE was a great success, thanks to its combination of simplicity and robustness with high performance features. Reviews agreed on its great potential and the balance of its qualities and technical features. A product with great integration capabilities in the design of any type of housing. As for VIVO, the visitors appreciated its striking, sober and minimalist design and the possibilities it offers, becoming a platform where you can combine the traditional functions of conventional door entry with the security and communication centres of any home. This is not science fiction - they are a must-have in the smart buildings and cities of the future and, as is customary, Fermax presented them at this edition.

Moreover, this year the company did not simply settle for the launch of its latest products, always cutting-edge and different in terms of technology and design. Unlike on other occasions where Fermax had attended the export alongside other companies from the sector, for this event they decided to opt for their own stand, an unmistakable sign of strength and dynamism, giving special prominence and visibility to the firm’s latest proposals.

​FERMAX Stand at Light and Building

The balance of the experience was very positive. On the one hand, taking part in its own right finally positions the Spanish brand up there with the international market leaders. On the other hand, the large number of visitors who come to this fair, this year with more than 200,000 visitors from 161 countries, means an especially interesting opportunity to introduce these particular products. Conclusion. Fermax was a success at one of the most prestigious fairs worldwide, with one of the most demanding and expert audiences. The message was clear: for the Fermax professional team, nothing is impossible. They remain at the forefront of technology and design and their progress is ongoing. To sum up, Fermax has done it again, achieving the most difficult thing to do when you're on the top - by reinventing itself.