4 Fountains

Szczegóły projektu

Liczba lokali/użytkowników: 138
Liczba dostępów: 1
Adres: Steenkaai 44, 1800 Vilvoorde, Brussels
Kraj: Belgium
Data zakończenia: 2018


The new 4 Fountains site guarantee a perfect mix of living, working, shopping and relaxing. 4 Fonteinen offers space for airy apartments, spacious family homes, attractive commercial spaces and pleasant offices. The combination of traffic-free cycle and walking promenades along the water, green park zones and vibrant city squares makes this neighborhood the place to be. It includes 138 apartments and a commercial space and offers a mix of apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and an underground parking space. They are energy-efficient, have nice spacious terraces and are fully finished. The top location between Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels makes 4 Fountains the ideal base for a pleasant family-work balance. Despite the urban environment, the designers within the site have paid a lot of attention to green, water and open space. That water around the project plays a major role in this neighborhood as already suggests the name of 4 Fountains.

FERMAX installation at 4 Fountains Brussels: 1 main entrance SKYLINE DUOX digital + 11 block entrances CITY ref. 7364 (DUOX digital) + 138 monitors VEO DUOX.

Installation by ETIB sprl.