FERMAX General Catalogue 2019

16 styczeń 2019

Fermax was born in 1949 with a clear international vocation. The globalization of markets, despite high demands, has made us reaffirm our commitment. Year after year, we face the challenge of competing successfully with our own culture which has made us unique: the combination of technology and design.

We grew thanks to the door entry systems at the same rapid pace as our cities. Time and passionate dedication have led us to become a world leading company in communication systems for residential buildings, homes and businesses. Today, the elegance and effectiveness of our product allows us to work together with the best architectural studios and contribute our Know-How to the most demanding engineering and integration teams. Moreover, what really continues to excite us is to create proposals to meet the needs of people who use our products every day, within homes of all over the world.

In 2019 we take the leap to networkable products including multiple applications. This is a transformation that will enable us to continue to serve the needs of a constantly evolving world that seeks ever-closed inter-connection.

We are pleased to present our new products and solutions in the FERMAX International General Catalogue 2019:

Our wide range of door entry kits is the first chapter as usual, followed by FERMAX different systems: first the cutting-edge DUOX (full digital system in 2 wires) and MEET (100% IP system). Then our conventional technologies. The Audio and Video Door Entry range is completed by products aimed to expand the business of intercom professionals, including Access Control and Door Lock Release. In the last part of this catalogue you will also find the technical information grouped by technologies, in which you can find out the product datasheets and all the elements of the system as well as the technical specifications, installation diagrams and projects tables. 

Fermax General Catalogue 2019

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If you want to receive our International General Catalogue, you can ask for a hard copy at brandingarea@fermax.com.