VEO by FERMAX: Just essential

6 de Maio de 2016

The new Fermax monitor is even simpler and more functional. A synthesis that takes design and performance to their most essential expressions, in a monitor specially designed for those users who decide to take the leap into video. A new member in the home for those seeking comfort and ease when communicating.

Fermax is committed to change the idea about what is supposed to be an essential monitor thanks to its new proposal: the VEO monitor. An essential is indispensable. An essential is a product composed by all the fundamental, only the fundamental. For FERMAX, a video door entry system is not just essential because allows users to see who is behind our entry door. An essential video is an element offering security, beauty, inspiration and provides a balance in the space where it is placed.   

Monitor de videoportero VEO
Monitor de videoportero VEO


The VEO monitor is made of high-impact ABS plastic. Texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection to get more resistance to the light.

VEO incorporates a 4,3” colour TFT screen. Its unique handset design incorporating a magnet enables the user to put it back into positon correctly when the call is finished.

Its balanced design of pure lines is distinguishing, modern and minimal. VEO integrates in the ambience of any contemporary interior design.

Available in DUOX and VDS technologies.

When a call is received, the image appears automatically. When the handset is picked up a conversation with the visitor can take place.

The image is de-activated automatically after 90 seconds, or when the handset is put back in position.

Monitor: 200 x 200 x 44.
Surface installation. 

The DUOX VEO monitor incorporates all the functions as standard:
- 4,3” TFT screen.
- Door opener button
- Autostart of the main camera.
- Additional function activation: light switching, panic call, etc.
- OSD menu in the screen lets you access to the monitor functions and programming:
- Switch off call tone mode. “Do not disturb” function.
      - Selection of call melodies and volume.
      - Activation of a 2nd additional function.
      - Brightness/Contrast/Colour adjustment.
      - QR Code: Access to

The VDS VEO monitor incorporates as standard:
- Door opener button and call to guard
- Autostart of the main camera
- F1-F2 buttons to activate two additional functions as well as brightness
 Contrast and colour adjustment.


Monitor de videoportero VEO
Monitor de videoportero VEO
Monitor de videoportero VEO