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Pormenores do projecto

Número de habitações/utilizadores: 466
Número de acessos: 57
Endereço: 99 dengyun Rd. Gongshu District, Hangzhou
País: China
Promotor: Capita Land

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The project area is located in Hangzhou City, east of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, west and south of the new planned road, north Dengyun road. Blessed Jiangnan traditional cultural landscape. The canal CBD and planning across the river from the district government and the Canal Cultural Square is only 500 meters away from the LOFT 49 creative park about 600 meters. 5-minute drive up to mark on the pond elevated entrance ramp, near the city's main thoroughfares Moganshan Road Southwest, dealers access extremely convenient; numerous bus lines around the project, you can easily reach all areas of Hangzhou.