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VEO WIFI está equipado com conexão WiFi que permite o desvio de chamadas a dispositivos móveis. Graças à aplicação BLUE da Fermax, disponível de forma gratuita na Play Store e App Store, as funções...

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VEO WIFI está equipado com conexão WiFi que permite o desvio de chamadas a dispositivos móveis. Graças à aplicação BLUE da Fermax, disponível de forma gratuita na Play Store e App Store, as funções do videoporteiro podem ser geridas, directamente, desde um smartphone ou tablet, para te conectares a tua casa, onde quer que estejas. O monitor VEO WIFI DUOX está fabricado em plástico ABS de alto impacto. Inclui ecrã panorâmico a cores de 4,3” (16:9). O desenho único e exclusivo do auricular incorpora um íman que facilita ao utilizador o posicionamento do mesmo, assegurando um encaixe correcto ao finalizar a conversação. O seu desenho equilibrado de linhas puras é distinto, moderno e minimalista.

Especificações Técnicas

Technology: DUOX PLUS (non-polarised 2 wire full digital system)
Audio/Video system: Audio/Video Color
Set-up (Installation): Surface mounted (order connector ref. 9447 separately)
Desktop support: Yes (ref. 9410)
Handset with magnet to facilitate the hang up: Yes
Induction loop available: Yes (replace handset with ref. 3443 or order monitor ref. 9455 which already includes the induction loop))
Screen dimensions: 4,3” (Panoramic 16:9)
Screen resolution (H x V): 480 x 272
Color of the product: Matt white
Number of pushbuttons: 4
Kind of pushbuttons: Mechanical (silicone)
Number of leds for lighted indications: 1 (red with 3 states: always ON, slow/fast blinking)

From the terminal: From the OSD menu
From the outdoor panel or guard unit: Yes
From the outdoor panel throughout the apartment door bell: Yes

Automatic picture capture when the visitor calls (PHOTOCALLER): Yes (1 photo/call, until 150 photos, 368 x 288 pixels). This feature can be enabled by the user.  Disabled by default.
Guard unit call: Yes (by means of the door release button)
Auto-on: Yes (with 3 outdoor panels/cameras)
OSD menu: Yes
Additional function F1: Yes (Button F1 sends a negative and/or command)
Additional function F2: Yes (it only sends command, no negative)
Apartment door bell differentiated from the outdoor panel: Yes
Connection for additional devices (call extension, light/buzzer activator, etc.): Yes (ref. 2040, ref. 2438, ref. 3267)
Additional terminals on the same address: Yes, max. 2 additional terminals (additional power supply can be required)
Doormatic (automatic door release for offices, etc.): No

Date and time: Yes
Ring tones selection: Yes (5). Configurable for Block Panel 0, Block Panel 1, General Entrace Panel 0 and Concierge unit.
Call volume control: Yes (10 levels by OSD menu)
Do-not-disturb mode: Yes (by OSD menu) + Red led indication
Audio volume control: Yes (10 levels by OSD menu)
Brightness, color and contrast control: Yes (by OSD menu)

Product dimensions (width x height x depth) mm: 200 x 200 x 23 (44 including handset)
Time to answer or open the door since the call is done: 30 s.
Conversation time: 90 s.
Conversation privacy: Yes
Voltage: 18-24 Vdc
Maximum consumption: 5.6 W
Standby consumption (paired and connected): 1.3 W
Working temperature (ºC, ºF), Humidity: [-5ºC, +40ºC][23ºF, 104ºF], [0%, 90%]
Line adaptor included in the terminal: Yes (A, C, default position OFF)
Connections: Bin, Bin, Bout, Bout, -, A+, F1, T

Call forwarding to smartphones and tablets: Yes (App Compatible with iOS>,=11, Android>,=6)
Connectivity: Wifi (2,4 Ghz) and 3G/4G
Pairing of the monitor with the wifi router of the house: Once the App is installed, the user must register first. Pairing by scanning a QR code in the monitor menu.
Maximum number of apartments that can be managed from the App: No limit
Maximum number of smartphones/tablets where call divert from the same house can be used: 10 (including administrator’s and invited user’s devices)
Maximum number of users that can be invited by the administrator: 5
Calls reception: Audio and Video from outdoor panels/concierge units. With pre-view before audio communication is on.
Conversation time: 90 s.
Mute: Yes
Video off: To reduce the data consumption when being in 4G mode
Switching of outdoor panels/cameras: Yes. It allows for switching to other panels/cameras (if any) with the same sequence than the monitors.
Auto-on: Yes. communication possible with 3 outdoor panels/cameras without being called
Activate additional feature (stairlight relay, second door, etc.): Yes. F1 button.
Door opening: Yes, protected by the unblocking code of the smartphone/tablet: PIN, fingerprint, pattern or face ID.
Concierge call: Yes
Calls register: Yes (answered calls in green, missed calls in red)
Settings: Name and picture of the house, Do not disturb, Change password, Ringtone and vibration mode.
Picture &, Video capture: Not from the APP. Only automatically from the monitor
Available languages: 16 (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic)

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