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How to Configure the DUOX Lift Control Unit (DLCU) F09443

25 de Março de 2020

The new DLCU is a gateway between DUOX and MDS. This device translates DUOX commands into RS-485 MDS commands.

The new DLCU is a gateway between DUOX and MDS. This device translates DUOX commands into RS-485 MDS commands. Using Wincomplus Software, it will be able to incorporate Lift Control functionality to any DUOX installation.

Required material & software:

  • DUOX Installation


DUOX Lift Control Unit connects to the DUOX bus, to the MDS Panel bus and to the MDS Decoder bus.

Once all devices are connected as per the above picture, it is time to proceed with the Wincomplus configuration.

Note that in an MDS Lift Control installation, as many relays as floors are in the building are required. Take in consideration that each MDS Relay Decoder has 8 relays.

DLCU Block Programming:

In order to program the DLCU with the DUOX Block Number, press the PROGRAMMING button on the lift control module for 5 seconds.

It will go into block number programming mode. The PWR LED flashes intermittently every second until the block number programming is carried out via the DUOX bus.

To program the address, make a call from the block’s panel, an auto-on or press F1 on one of the block’s monitors. You have 120 seconds to program your address.
After this time the lift control module will exit programming mode.

WINCOMPLUS Configuration:

Once Wincomplus Software is downloaded and installed, open the software and create a new installation:

Once New Installation is opened, it is time to create New Blocks. Create as Blocks as DUOX Blocks are in the installation.
Each Block correspond with each MDS Central Unit.

MDS Central Unit Number has to match with the DUOX Block Number:

New Block is created. Next step is to add the DUOX Panels, and Proximity Readers.

  • Wincomplus will receive information from DUOX Bus. Every time a call will be performed from any DUOX Panel, it will be shown in the Incidence Register.
  • It is possible to add up to 10 DUOX BLOCK Panels, from Nº 0 to Nº 9.  Access Number will match with the DUOX Panel Number.
  • It is possible to add all DUOX General Entrance Panels, from Nº 0 to Nº 9. Access Number for all General Entrance Panels will be 10.
  • Proximity Readers have to be added using Access Number from 11 to 99.

Next step is Lift Control Configuration.

Relay Modules have to be configured using DecoWin à (DecoWin).

  1. Relay Groups:
    1. Open Relay Manag.
    2. Create Relay Groups. Group Number match with the Relay Number programmed in Decowin.
      Group 0 --> Relays from 01 to 09
      Group 1 --> Relays from 10 to 19

  2. Lift Control Times:
    1. Go to Lift Control à Times.

      Residents Time is the time relay will be activated when a tenant shows a proximity card and opens the door.
      Visitors Time is the time relay will be activated when a resident call and tenant opens the door from the monitor/telephone.
  3. Lifts:
    1. Go to Lift Control à Lifts.

      Repeat the process for all selected access. Finally, Save, check all access are correctly configured (YES) and close.

  4. Licenses:
    1. Go to Lift Control à Licenses.

      Licenses will be assigned to each USER in case there are common floors.
      Tenant 101 --> Common Floors: 6 & 7 --> License 1.

It is possible you will need to add more DUOX Panels, Proximity Readers, Relay groups, Lifts and Licenses. Follow the above steps to complete the configuration according your installation characteristics.

Configuration is done. Now it is time to create users.

Repeat this process to add all users before sending all configuration to the Central Unit.


Last Step is sending all configuration to the MDS Central Unit.


Incidence registering.

In order to access to the Incidence Registering, press “incidence registering” icon:

Using Wincomplus Incidence Registering it is possible to record and get the following logs:

  • Duox Calls from all panels registered in Wincomplus to any user.

  • Duox Auto-On calls from any user (monitor/telephone) to any panel registered in Wincomplus.

  • Door opening from any Duox Panel registered in Wincomplus.

  • Lift Control events:
    • User access through proximity card. Relay activation/deactivation.
    • Visitor access once user opens the door pressing the button on the terminal (telephone/monitor).


Do not hesitate to get in touch with FERMAX’s After Sales Department if you have any doubt or if you require any further assistance about this device.
If you want to download this guide in PDF, please click on the following link: DLCU_GUIDE