FERMAX updates its website: New design and more contents

22 Ağustos 2018 Çarşamba

FERMAX launched a new image in its website. In this completely updated virtual space, there are more elaborated and user-oriented contents, as well as a more visual structure.
These changes have also allowed a better connection between the website and the other elements of online communication.

This update makes a more interesting, intuitive and modern Fermax’s website. The leading brand in video door entry systems offers more valuable content being exhaustive in its information. In addition, it is a site that provides an excellent browsing experience perceived as enjoyable, clear and intuitive. 

The Fermax website is the entry gateway for the customer who visits it for the first time or on a recurring basis, so all the corporate and professional websites support the new structure and have enhanced browsability.

Fermax New Corporate Website


In recent years, Fermax has improved its online presence, taking part in the major social networks, with a daily increasing number of followers, while the number of visits to its website exponentially grew. So, it was time for a change.

The company, with this new version, has achieved a preciseness website made from the user’s perspective. Fermax is taking a great step forward, focusing more on content, with a more visual structure and new sections such as video entry, where it includes its main product lines (outdoor panels, monitors, telephones, kits, etc…), which enables to improve the positioning in browsers prioritizing contents that respond to the interests of users. 


Fermax New Professional Website


You can visit the new website at www.fermax.com