New version of the FERMAX FOR REAL APP with Augmented Reality: Interact with FERMAX products from your mobile

New version of the FERMAX FOR REAL APP with Augmented Reality: Interact with FERMAX products from your mobile

December 15, 2019

The leading Spanish brand of video door entry systems has redesigned its application FERMAX FOR REAL with the aim of offering a more agile, interactive and functional user experience.  In this version, the application includes a complete selection of DUOX (2-wire system) and MEET (IP system) outdoor panels and indoor terminals, Fermax's main video door entry technologies. 


It is no longer necessary for the installation’s company to visit properties with a suitcase full of samples. With a tablet or mobile phone in their pocket, the installers will be able to show their customers both the outdoor panels and the terminals (monitors and telephones) from the Fermax catalogue. Users can see them on the wall as if they were already installed at the entrance or inside the house and interact with the products. 



When using the application, the users can see a menu in which the main elements of an installation are presented: the outdoor panel and the interior terminals. The users can select the product they wish to see so that the system shows an image of the product and they can read about its features or see the options and models available. They can even visualise the equipment in 3D and rotate it up to 360º. 




In order to access the Augmented Reality feature, the user needs to place the new marker on the wall where the outdoor panel or indoor terminal will be located and activate the AR button. Users who have the old marker will have to download this new marker from the application itself, or from the Fermax website


From that moment on, the tablet or mobile screen will generate the image of the virtual product over the real surface and the user will be able to interact with the product through the screen: making a call from the outdoor panel, answering a call from the monitor, activating or deactivating the "Do Not Disturb" function, seeing the OSD menu of the monitors, incorporating installation accessories in the case of the Skyline and Cityline panels... there are multiple options so that the end user can see the product as if it was already installed.




With this innovative commercial tool, Fermax once again shows its ability to position at the forefront of residential communication technology. Find out all the details at and download FERMAX FOR REAL for free from Google Play or the App Store  

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