A team with a wealth of experience and commitment to the company

Design is one of the most important lines of innovation for the company's development.

In keeping with this aim, Fermax has worked since 1973 with the prestigious industrial designer Ramón Benedito (National Design Prize 1992), who emphasizes two factors when designing equipment for Fermax: product durability and a touch of distinction.

About Ramón Benedito

Born in Barcelona in 1945, he trained in industrial design at the Elisava School.

In 1973, he joined forces with Maite Prat and founded Benedito Design. Production focused first of all on the field of plastic and then on specialized industry, where he designed machines for laboratories and the optical, telephony and microelectronics sectors.

The list of companies he has worked for include Balay, Carlsberg, Contener, Renfe and Repsol. In 1984, in conjunction with Josep Puig and Lluis Morillas, he created Transatlantic, an experimental design group dedicated to formal and technological research. The company operated until its dissolution in 1989.

In 1992, he was awarded the National Design Prize.

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Acknowledgements in the area of design

The continuous commitment to top-level design has brought numerous acknowledgements.