From local to global: Future plans in Fermax territory

March 26, 2013

As every year, Fermax has set aside time for analysis and planning. This time round, the Valencian company has opted for a decentralized and participative format that has been very well received throughout the organization. During the meeting sessions, the commercial network was introduced to the strategic plans for product launches, campaigns and international expansion policies to be implemented in 2013.

Fermax held its commercial meetings throughout February and early March - one for Spain and Portugal and another for the international markets where the company is present, as they do each year.  But on this occasion the two events were organized under a different formula to previous editions. 
Fermax 2013 International Convention, Istanbul

The international meeting was held this year in Istanbul, this megalopolis towards which much of Europe is looking attentively, thanks to its fantastic growth. 
Here, the chosen format was decentralizing and it was the managers of the different Fermax subsidiaries that were called upon to outline to those in attendance the situation of their respective regions last year and show the prospects for the business emerging from these positions.
In addition, the expansion strategies were presented for international markets, such as centralization of management for the Southeast Asian area in the Fermax Asia Pacific subsidiary, bolstering our presence in the region with a closer, more personalized follow-up.
For the Spanish market, instead of holding a big national convention where the representatives travelled to Valencia, this time the delegations from Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao received them in their different headquarters from the different area managers (human resources, administration, technical service and branding, among others), who usually carry out their tasks from the company headquarters.
And instead of focusing the contents on issuing previously defined guidelines, the meetings centred on a detailed analysis of each Fermax territory.


The aim? To provide feedback for the whole group with this information and encourage the generation of new ideas, customizing the strategies for each area.  The work was intense in all cases, with marathon sessions in all the cities; but the meetings were held with a high degree of participation, turning out to be highly participative, enriching and satisfactory for everyone involved.


Fermax Delegation Meeting in Madrid

More prominence given to local details, more interaction with the people who are closest to the customer, more data gathered directly from the sources and, finally, more coordination.  This was the spirit reigning over all these meetings, with the aim of strengthening the connections between the local and the global to provide efficient responses to the challenges looming in the immediate future.