LYNX: Making the most of TCP/IP

May 16, 2014

LYNX, the new proposal from FERMAX, technologically based on a full TCP/IP system that enables state-of-the-art management of communication, security and comfort for the world’s most prestigious residential complexes. With the development of this technology, Fermax successfully combines the features of TCP/IP technologies with the needs and potential of real estate promoters, system integrators and end users.

For this innovative system we have created VIVO, the video entry monitor that aspires to become the home’s technological interface. The ultra slimline format terminal has a glass surface and 7” capacitive touch screen for intuitive browsing and deploys a broad range of functionalities as a video entry system (communication in all directions, receiving internal messages, image capture, emergency calls, audio notes, etc). The user can also control other home systems from the same screen, since in addition to being the most sophisticated video entry system, VIVO is also a management platform for multi-brand home automation systems, CCTV cameras and lifts





LYNX is also incorporated in the SKYLINE outdoor panels, the modular feature from Fermax which now, in addition to providing different solutions for each installation, includes modules developed specifically for the system, such as an electronic display with built-in 3.5” TFT screen, allowing total project customization.

And the range is completed with the Property Management Unit, a powerful management software that is simple and intuitive to use and which provides three differentiated accesses according to profiles: installer, administrator and concierge.

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